The Day My Daughter Walks Down the Aisle



                                                                                                          Dao Vien


  Today my child will walk down the aisle, thousands of flowers are bursting with fragance

  Today my child will walk among flowers, amidst a sea of boundless love

  On this, her wedding day, my child embraces a golden dream of building a glorious future

  With her love of a hundred years, hand in hand, blissful in a passionate love song.


  I remember the days

  The days long ago, my daughter playing in her crib, her lips rich with color.

  I remember her laugh

  Holding her unsteady hand, following her as she faltered, taking uncertain steps.

  I remember when she was ill

 Her mother held her, through the night, waiting for her to turn a smile.

 And the long days

  Waiting for news from her, as she spread her wings, exploring the horizons

 You have been a fountain of happiness since you were born

 You have been a warm ray of morning sun in people’s heart

 You have been a bright moon in a mid-autumn night

 You will always be a thousand blooming flowers in my heart.


 Those tender years passed by quickly like the clouds in the sky,and with them many cherished souvenirs of your childhood.

 Today my child will walk down the aisle and the birds are serenading joyfully..

 Look, a pair of loons are singing a divine love song

 May the pair love each other, side by side, for all of their lives.

                                                                                                                     Dao Vien












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